1. Charmine Rose, CharmLash

    Although, a lot of eyelash and eyebrow nutrients have been introduced to the World, CharmLash was the first one in our country. Its recipe was developed on the basis of the best ingredients that have been selected to strengthen and lengthen lashes. According to the manufacturer, the conditioner after only about 4 weeks of application, it not only thickens the lashes, but also make that them grow much faster. The formula can also be used to improve growth and general appearance of both eyelashes and eyebrows. At the time of our study, about 80% testers have identified the product as efficient. Indeed, it improves the thickness and length of eyelashes, but it becomes visible after a longer time than informed by the manufacturer. While the cosmetic’s production, further recipes were monitored in terms of an allergic reaction that it might cause. Among our testers, only 10 % of people were irritated. The price of this product is a knockout. Although the conditioner is efficient, you can buy a conditioner with the same effectiveness for a much lower price.