1. Day and night face cream Lily Skin Dermika – smooth and beautiful skin

    Lily Skin series is designed for the care of the skin with the first signs of aging. Basically, Dermika cosmetics brighten, smooth, reduce visibility of capillary breakage, firm and optically rejuvenate face. The series comprises of three anti-wrinkle creams, an under eyes cream, a brightening serum and a capillaries reducing cream.

    One of the Dermika products is day and night cream Beauty Protector. It is destined for everyday skin care of people aged above 35, since this is the age when the first wrinkles are formed. What is more, after one turns 35 years old, the hydration level of skin become decreased, together with hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances responsible for maintaining skin elastic. What is more, face becomes covered with, so called, craw's feet and small furrows, especially, at the mouth and nose area. In order to avoid these unpleasant consequences, we have to moisturize our face skin regularly.

    Lily skin from Dermica can be applied by people with the normal, combination and dry skin. The cream cares, firms, highlights and moisturizes skin. What is more, it protects skin from the damaging influence of contaminants derived from external environment, solar radiation, as well as from elasticity, collagen and elastin loss. Lily Skin cream aslo firms face skin and delays skin aging processes. Additionally, the product makes skin brighter, evens skin tone and provides it with the young, lively and radiant look. This product is of gentle consistency, due to which, it is extremely easy to apply it on skin. It is also worth adding that the consistency enables the cosmetic to be absorbed deeply into the skin. What is quite important, this product neither leaves oily layer on the skin surface nor causes formation of comedones, also known as black heads.

    The cream is packed into a little, white jar with the golden cap. Its capacity equals 50 ml. The cosmetic is to be applied every morning, straight after cleansing and refreshing face skin. Furthermore, it contains plenty of valuable substances. While reading the label we can find, among others, lily extract which brightens skin and reduces pigmentation marks, SPF 20 sun filter and special ingredients that enhance the surface tension of the skin as well as its blood circulation. This in turn, results in reducing visibility of broken capillaries.