1. Greasy hair problem

    Many people are struggling with excessive hair greasing. The problem is particularly acute in case of maturing adolescents. There is no denying that greasy hair does not look fresh or nice. Not to mention the fact that obtaining any spectacular hairstyles is a miracle. The main cause of hair greasing too quickly is mainly the production of sebum, which covers the whole scalp and hair. The truth is that the problem with greasy hair may be extremely frustrating. In many cosmetic stores a selection of shampoos and conditioners which could prevent greasing is offered. It is worth remembering that not all of them are efficient and could dry hair too much. It good to try to fight the problem using home remedies. The witch hazel extract is a good method for greasy hair, although it requires a little attention. The witch hazel should be mixed with the mouthwash, bothe of them can be found in any pharmacy. Using a cotton bud apply the mixture on the scalp. Mouth washing liquid can destroy hair so do not put too much on your hair. Lemon. Equally good effects can be obtained using a lemon rinse. Its acidity will lower the skin’s PH and will lessen the sebum production. To prepare the rinse we use lemon and distilled water. We pour the mixture onto our hair. Your own shampoo. The hair care is not only about using self made rinses. It is good to combine the rinse with the specific shampoo. We can add a little bit of aloes or lemon to our regular daily shampoo and wash our head using it. After shampooing, we can still apply any rinse.