1. How to fight against wrinkles? Prodigy Extreme from Helena Rubinstein

    Wrinkles. One of the unwanted decorations that sooner or later are created on our face. Unfortunately, crow's feet and groves will appear, one day or another. Luckily, wrinkles can be smoothed. How to achieve this? Prodigy Extreme from Helena Rubinstein is lending a helping hand in this emergency situation.

    The first wrinkles are formed at the age of 30. These are the small groves in the corners of the eyes and mouth. Certainly, the older we get, the more wrinkled our face become. What is more, with age our skin metamorphoses and this results in creation of pigmentation marks and discolorations. Furthermore, not only collagen fibers are weakened but also the level of hyaluronic acid is lowered which leads to dryness of skin. Why some people get aged in a more visible manner than others? Obviously, it is preconditioned by several factors. First of all, genes and skin type have in this case significant meaning. Nonetheless, it is claimed that oily skin aged slower. What is more, the skin is prone to develop wrinkles much faster when one does not take care of it properly. Unhealthy diet, smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption are the most basic causes of groves and age spots formation. For skin aging process are also responsible: contamination form external environment and solar radiation.

    The problem with wrinkles can be managed with Prodigy Extreme cream from Helena Rubinstein. First and foremost, it is designed for all skin types. Furthermore, it is locked into a little white jar of 50 ml capacity. The cream can be used with skin around eyes care cosmetic from the same series.
    Anti-wrinkle cream from Helena Rubinstein comprises of plenty of natural ingredients. These are, among others, redwood, blossom of grapes, extract from beech buds, acacia honey, butcher's-broom, rice peptides and royal jelly. Due to these particular substances our skin become nourished and collagen fibers are rebuilt. As a consequence, face skin is moisturized, smoother, radiant and wrinkles become shallowed and shrunk. Apart from that, the cream regenerates complexion, recovering the intercellular connections weakened as a result of the flabbing process. Finally, the face features become reshaped and skin regains its natural elasticity.
    Prodigy Extreme cream can be applied in the morning and in the evening. It is to be applied on the whole face after the make up removal has been performed.