1. How to protect face against the sun? Clinique, Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45

    The best possible activity during summer? Sunbathing! And this occupation is right on our doorsteps! However, all that we have to be careful about is the scorching sun, sunburn hazard, as well as skin ailments and overheating of our organism. Despite the previously mentioned drawbacks, the sun is not so bad for humans. The thing advisable to be aware of, is the proper way of taking the advantage of the sun. Obviously, a sunscreen from Clinique, Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45 surely helps us with that.

    Why is sunbathing so dispraised, and why is the opinion that sunbathing brings harming effect over acne skin, still cultivated? After all, it is the sun that gives us all that we need when the frosty and dark winter days are finally finished. Solar radiation increases the concentration of D vitamin in human organism which is necessary for skin and bones to develop and function properly. Obviously, it goes without saying that we should expose ourselves to the sun wisely. A half of an hour is enough to make our skin a little bit darker, acid to get dryer and skin discoloration disappear. Nevertheless, spending all day sunbathing can result in skin cancer development.

    How to prevent our skin from UVA/UVB radiation? Certainly, we can just stay at home, however, it is a rather crackpot idea. It is better to put on the head a hat with a wide crown - in that way we protect our skin and hair. What is more, it is advisable to cover your skin with a balm of high PF, and the face should be treated with Clinique facial emulsion, Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45. What properties does this cosmetic hold?

    First and foremost, Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45 protects the skin of your face from sunburns and discoloration. Secondly, it has smooth consistency, which in turn, enables flawless application. Thirdly, the cosmetic does not block pores and does not whiten skin which is quite rare characteristic. Nevertheless, if a situation like this occurs, suffice to use bronzer or powder of a darker shade. What is more, the cosmetic does not comprises of oily substances, and as a consequence, it can be applied on every skin type possible.

    Clinique facial emulsion is put into 30 ml package. The bottle has got fairly practical applicator which enables an user to get the right amount of the cosmetic. Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45 is of liquid consistency and of colour similar to a skin tone. It is enough to spread it gently onto the face to enjoy the sun safely.