Lashcode eyelash serum is an interesting offering for those who seek an effective lash treatment. Many users say that Lashcode is the first step towards beautifully defined eyelashes, which is true because this product strengthens brittle lashes, extends short hairs and supplies them with essential nutrients. The consumers also agree that this eyelash serum's effects are versatile and it's worth experiencing them on your own skin. Within a week of regular Lashcode use, the state of lashes measurably improves, which is obviously owed to the constituents this serum is formulated with. Three plant extracts, which are Baikal skullcap root, soy sprout and wheat sprout, work to your advantage. These substances nourish, strengthen and promote lash growth in an entirely natural way. And these beneficial effects are boosted thanks to arginine and peptides that each tube of Lashcode houses too. Being composed of such well-selected ingredients, Lashcode needs only 2-3 weeks to make lashes thicker and longer, hence fuller-looking. Lashcode works exactly where it's needed most - in the follicles. This is the best way any lash serum can work because the life of lashes and all processes connected with their growth occur in the bulbs that the follicles are a house to. Furthermore, Lashcode applicator allows you to put the serum exactly where it should be put - to the entire base of lashes. The brush is thin and made of hypoallergenic bristle whose shape allows you to be very precise with putting the serum along the lash line. The application is so easy that nobody should experience any difficulties with spreading this water-based serum along the base of the lashes. Who can use Lashcode? Actually everybody who wants to have longer and thicker eyelashes can reach for Lashcode. This serum is recommended even to contact lens wearers and those who still wear lash extensions but want to remove them once and for all and focus on improving the appearance of their own eyelashes. Undoubtedly, the natural constituents of Lashcode would make this task easier. It is important to mention that this lash serum shouldn't be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women because it wasn't tested on those two groups of people. It's also worth bearing in mind that before each application, you must make sure that you remove makeup carefully and cleanse the eye skin area deeply. The thing that may be somehow problematic is the daily use of the serum. However, the stunning effects that Lashcode is proven to deliver, especially when paired with Lashcode mascara, makes up for this.