1. New cosmetics from Vichy. Clarifying Matte Mousse and Night Detox for Imperfections from Normaderm Series.

    Normaderm is the well-known series of Vichy cosmetics. What does this appellation mean? Normal skin equals healthy dermis. The cosmetics of this series restore skin's natural and healthy condition, as well as maintain the fresh look. These very properties are presented in two new products from Vichy: Clarifying Matte Mousse with Slicylic Acid and Night Detox for Imperfections.

    Clarifying Matte Mousse Normaderm
    Mousse from Normaderm series is especially recommended for people who are the owners of sensitive skin with the visible imperfections, as well as for those with oily and combination skin. This cosmetic has got clarifying, tonic and neutralizing features. It also freshens and regenerates skin. Furthermore, the mousse can be applied as a make up removal cosmetic since it removes excess of sebum and cosmetic residues. The great advantage of the product is that it leaves skin matt, smooth, pure and without the impression of strong skin contraction. What is more, the mousse includes salicylic acid. This substance is widely-used as an ally in the fight against acid. In other words, salicyd acid helps with maintaining the proper oily skin care, in general. It is also famous from its contract, exfoliating and clarifying features. Unlikely to other similar cosmetics, Clarifying Matte Mousse Normaderm causes neither smarting nor irritations when the treatment is in progress. Furthermore, salicylic acid has got anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

    Night Detox for Imperfections Normaderm
    Night Detox for Imperfections is designed for people with sensitive and oily skin. The cosmetic should be applied in the evening because its active substances can take care of skin during our rest. While sleeping, face skin gets regenerated and all the active substances works better on the complexion. The cream refreshes and cleanses face skin. As a consequence, our skin looks healthier and more radiant right after getting out of the bed.
    What is more, the product is placed into a dark green tube of the 40 ml capacity. The main ingredients of Night Detox for Imperfections are: salicylic acid, LHA acid (Beta-Lipohydroxy Acid which is the derivative of salicylic acid), extract of Eperua Falcata tree cortex (of anti-inflammatory and firming properties), perlite (a mineral absorbing excess of sebum) and absorbent powder (the characteristics similar to perlite's).