1. Pierre Rene

    More and more women would like to improve the look of their eyelashes, not with the use of cosmetic procedures, but by strengthening hair from the inside. A well-known brand Pirre Rene, like many of similar brands, released they own eyelash conditioner. Its immediate goal is to increase the thickness of lashes as well as to accelerate their growth. The conditioner was developed on the basis of many interesting ingredients, including pentanol and keratin, which have an impact not only on the eyelash thickness but also gives them lustre and softness. The product’s price is not high, so everyone can afford it. Our testers evaluated the product taking into account not only its effectiveness, but also such factors as causing allergies or irritations and the ease of use. Unfortunately, the product has not been rated too well. Although 60% of testers found it efficient, remaining 40 % of users have rated it as strongly irritating. Unfortunately, the conditioner causes redness and tearing. Even if the product has not been applied professionally, its effects should not be so highly irritating.