1. Ample Lash Essence

    Ample Lash, is a conditioner formulated to nourish and strengthen both lashes and eyebrows. It can be used by people wishing to accelerate the growth of their eyelashes, as well as those whose eyelashes have become weaker and more likely to fall out. The cosmetic was created by combining active ingredients and natural plant extracts. Unfortunately, it may cause eye irritation due to the presence of artificial components. Many people suffer from sensitivity to synthetic ingredients. According to the manufacturer, first effects of application of the product should be visible after 14 days. However, over 70 % of our respondents believe that effects are noticeable after about three weeks of using. The manufacturer also assures that the conditioner is hypoallergenic, therefore does not cause allergies. Within 5 % of the respondents, the product caused redness and eye burning. The price of the conditioner is low, but that does not place it at the forefront of our ranking. Its efficiency and speed is not as fast as in the case of many other conditioners.