1. Ideal complexion straight after waking up? Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep takes care of it.

    It is generally believed that, right after waking up is the time when our face skin looks the most attractively. In the morning, our complexion is claimed to be fresh, radiant and well-rested. If you want to make it appear even more prettier, try Idealia Skin Sleep cream from Vichy.

    Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep - the regenerating cream
    Even a child is aware of the fact that, at night is the very time when our organism regenerate, has a rest and gains strength for the next day. Similar matter applies to complexion. Face skin takes a rest after the hard day spent at work, epidermis cells regenerate and complexion gains blush colours while the organism is having a night rest. To help your face regenerate even better, apply a new cream from Vichy, Idealia Skin Sleep. This cosmetic product is of light formula, due to which, it gets absorbed promptly and nourishes our skin during sleep. The cosmetic is closed into a little, pink jar of the capacity of 120 ml. The cream enhances skin cell rebuilding process, expedites water circulation in skin, refreshes and revitalizes complexion. How should Idealia Skin Sleep be applied? Before the application, a small amount of the cream should be warmed up on palms, and then, put on the face and neck.

    Composition of Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep cream
    The cream comprises of numerous nourishing substances. These are: LHA, glycyrrhizinic and hyaluronic acid, caffeine, oils and B3 vitamin. Firstly, LHA is an ingredient which smooths and strongly stimulates cellular regeneration of epidermis and dermis. It is worth adding that this component was invented and patented by L’Oréal specialists. Secondly, glycyrrhizinic and hyaluronic acids moisturize, soothe and decrease visibility of minor wrinkles. Thirdly, caffeine works stimulating and enhances blood circulation. What is more, it reduces face swelling. Fourthly, apricot kernels oil softens and equalizes skin tone. Finally, B3 vitamin supports the protective function of the skin and highlights pigmentation marks. Furthermore, it has the antioxidant properties.