1. Common care mistakes

    Every woman dreams of being well groomed and looking her best in any conditions. Unfortunately, although their best intentions, they only worsen the situation ineptly using cosmetics and beauty treatments.

    1. 1. Each skin as well as the scalp produces sebum and sweat constantly and continuously. This has a beneficial effect on the protection of the skin and hair. Unfortunately, the excessive production of sebum very often causes trouble, greasy skin or hair can cause a lot of problems. While all kinds of lotions and creams can be used on the facial skin, the case of greasy hair is slightly more difficult. If our hair is greasy, do not wash them every day. For their care special beauty products should be usedwhich will reduce the production of sweat. Daily hair washing, violates the natural PH of the skin and additionally damages hair.
    2. 2. Every woman loves perfume. One of the famous film stars said that she feels the sexiest dressed in perfume only. In order to get the longest and the best effect, you must apply perfume properly. Many mistakes are made in this aspect as well. One of them is spraying the fragrance on wrists and then rubbing one wrist with the other. Such action may cause unexpected reactions or even interfere with the natural scent of perfume.

    Most of ladies, even if not doing the full daily makeup, still use mascara almost every day. Just one hitch of good mascara and our eyelashes become thicker and extended, giving our eyes a deeper expression. Unfortunately, in this case ladies make a very common mistake which significantly shortens the life of even the most expensive mascara. When applying mascara, most of us quickly put the brush in and take it out from the packaging. Women don’t even know why they do it but definitely their intention is not to pump air into the package, which results in excessive drying of the liquid which later becomes useless