1. Dry skin and hair care

    The problem of dry skin and hair applies to many women. For some, this is a transient problem due to improper hair or skin care, whereas for others the situation is permanent. Although this situation may be a bit inconvenient and may keep many ladies awake at night, it turns out that the solution to their problem is almost at their fingertips. It will not be associated neither with significant expenses nor a large expense.

    The right shampoo is crucial.
    In case of over- dried hair, it is important to use the appropriate shampoo. Under no circumstances can a shampoo for greasy hair be used, as this kind of cosmetic mainly dries hair, which in the case of increased production of sebum, is necessary. Most of drugstores offer all kinds of shampoos or other cosmetics to moisturize hair. Sometimes it is required to use several different cosmetics in order to find the right one.

    The shampoo is usually not enough.
    Usually the use of the shampoo is not enough, especially when our hair is dry and tangling. Without the use of the conditioner after washing, your hair can be very difficult to comb. The choice is between rinsing out products and ones not demanding to be rinsed, but also cosmetics in form of sprays, oils which can be applied directly to wet hair. In case of highly dried hair, it is worth applying the conditioner without rinsing, which will make it easier to comb. One should be careful not to overdo the conditioner.

    Oil is not only for babies.
    If the problem of dry skin encounters us, consider adding few drops of the oil to your favourite shower gel or fluid especially after a bath. As a result, our skin will not only be softer, but it will also be protected from excessive loss of water and drying. After the bath, we can also apply some oil to the face and body which will soften, moisturize and protect the skin against the water loss.