1. Eyelash Conditioner Nanolash product

    Eyelash Conditioner Nanolash

    Eyelash Serum
    eyelash serum review

    The main aim of the Nanolash Growth Serum is primarily strengthening and lengthening natural lashes. In many European countries and in the USA, this serum has already won hearts many women who were surprised by its effectiveness. The fact that results are visible within short period makes Nanolash unquestioned no...

  2. LASHCODE product


    Eyelash serum

    Lashcode eyelash serum is an interesting offering for those who seek an effective lash treatment. Many users say that Lashcode is the first step towards beautifully defined eyelashes, which is true because this product strengthens brittle lashes, extends short hairs and supplies them with essential nutrients. The consumers also agree...

  3. L`Oreal, Serum Re-Activant Cils product

    L`Oreal, Serum Re-Activant Cils

    Natural nourishing

    L`Oreal, Serum Re - Activant Cils is a conditioner mainly used to nourish and strengthen lashes, weakened after treatments or daily use of mascaras. The cosmetic serves also well for people who have undergone a chemotherapy. It has been developed primarily on the basis of natural ingredients and single synthetic...

  4. Ample Lash Essence product

    Ample Lash Essence

    Eyelashes and eyebrows

    Ample Lash, is a conditioner formulated to nourish and strengthen both lashes and eyebrows. It can be used by people wishing to accelerate the growth of their eyelashes, as well as those whose eyelashes have become weaker and more likely to fall out. The cosmetic was created by combining active...

  5. Miss Sporty, Just Clear Mascara product

    Miss Sporty, Just Clear Mascara

    Strength and shine

    This conditioner was primarily designed for people with weakened and falling out lashes. Thanks to the nutrient, eyelashes become not only glossier, but also stronger. According to numerous studies, first effects of application of the cosmetic should be visible after few weeks of regular use. The conditioner should be used...

  6. L`Biotica, cream for eyelashes product

    L`Biotica, cream for eyelashes

    Why cream?

    For some time, we have been witnessing the real frenzy about many eyelash conditioners appearing on the market. L ' Biotic produced a completely different conditioner than those with which we had to deal with so far. The conditioner of this brand is not a serum or mascara. To the...

  7. Astor, Calligraphy Transparent Styling & Care Mascara product

    Astor, Calligraphy Transparent Styling & Care Mascara

    Low price

    This eyelash conditioner has been developed on the basis of numerous components. It aims in particular to strengthen brittle and falling out eyelashes. It is also suitable for lens wearers, making it even more versatile. Synthetic conditioner’s ingredients have been enriched with chamomile extract, vitamin B5 and the green tea...

  8. Eveline, Advance Volumiere product

    Eveline, Advance Volumiere

    3 in 1

    This modern conditioner combines up three different cosmetics: mascara base, eyelash growth accelerator and volumising serum. Thanks to covering eyelashes with the cosmetic, we protect them from harmful components of mascara that weaken our eyelashes. The manufacturer tried also to prepare a serum application brush so that the action is...

  9. Artdeco, Lash Growth Activator product

    Artdeco, Lash Growth Activator

    For falling out lashes

    The conditioner was developed not only for women who want to improve the appearance of their eyelashes without having undergoing an extension treatment, but also for women with weakened lashes or tendency to fall out. Modern nutrient composition has been designed in such a way to substantially moisture eyelashes from...

  10. Talika, Lipocils product

    Talika, Lipocils

    Gel formula

    The conditioner of this brand, intended to improve eyelashes, was created in the form of gel. Its composition has been developed on the basis of natural ingredients which use in the cosmetic industry has recently become very popular and fashionable. According to the manufacturer, it is the only product of...

  11. My Secret, Lash & Brow Repair product

    My Secret, Lash & Brow Repair

    Power of vitamins

    The conditioner has been especially created for people with lashes in a poor condition. This applies equally to falling out, limp and sparse eyelashes. The cosmetic’s formula has been improved by numerous nutrients and vitamins such as A, E, B5. It also contains creatine, which largely affects the strength of...

  12. Christian Dior, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum product

    Christian Dior, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

    Immediate hydration

    The conditioner is designed especially for all those who would like to strengthen their lashes a bit. First of all, it has been developed to hydrate and strengthen lashes. According to the manufacturer, the conditioner of this well-known brand also improves the speed of eyelash growth and their thickness. The...

  13. FEG, Eyelash Enhancer product

    FEG, Eyelash Enhancer

    Efficiency and availability

    The conditioner is designed for people who want to improve the condition of their lashes. The serum contains numerous components nourishing eyelashes and making them thicker, longer and nourished much more than before. Effects of application of the cosmetic are quite fast as they appear after only about 4 weeks...

  14. Pierre Rene product

    Pierre Rene

    Pentanol and keratin

    More and more women would like to improve the look of their eyelashes, not with the use of cosmetic procedures, but by strengthening hair from the inside. A well-known brand Pirre Rene, like many of similar brands, released they own eyelash conditioner. Its immediate goal is to increase the thickness...

  15. Charmine Rose, CharmLash

    High price

    Although, a lot of eyelash and eyebrow nutrients have been introduced to the World, CharmLash was the first one in our country. Its recipe was developed on the basis of the best ingredients that have been selected to strengthen and lengthen lashes. According to the manufacturer, the conditioner after only...

  16. JB Cosmetics, Lash Food

    After extension

    Nowadays, more and more women dream about having beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Not everyone, however, decides to improve their appearance using cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, improvement of eyelash condition is possible through appropriate nutrient. JB Cosmetics has launched a cosmetic which task is to improve the condition of lashes, as...

  17. Pharmena, Dermena Lash

    Perfect as mascara primer

    Due to the fact that more and more women dream of improving the appearance of their eyelashes, the number of eyelash conditioners on the market is growing. Of course, many beauty parlours offer such services as extension or thickening eyelashes. However, not every woman wants to use it. Effects of...