1. Eveline, Advance Volumiere

    This modern conditioner combines up three different cosmetics: mascara base, eyelash growth accelerator and volumising serum. Thanks to covering eyelashes with the cosmetic, we protect them from harmful components of mascara that weaken our eyelashes. The manufacturer tried also to prepare a serum application brush so that the action is not only easier but also more precise. Among many of nutrient’s components there are both hyaluronic acid and numerous soy proteins. The product’s price is not high, what is certainly significant for most women. The conditioner is very popular and gains a considerable interest not only because of the price. According to our testers, the conditioner does not cause eye irritation which is common for this type of cosmetics. It does not cause allergies, although its composition does not consist of too many natural ingredients. As commonly noticed with this type of conditioners, effects of each may vary. About 68 % of respondents noticed less intense action with regards to the eyelash extension or thickening.