1. Talika, Lipocils

    The conditioner of this brand, intended to improve eyelashes, was created in the form of gel. Its composition has been developed on the basis of natural ingredients which use in the cosmetic industry has recently become very popular and fashionable. According to the manufacturer, it is the only product of its kind available in our country, which has been authorized by the French Office of Advertisements. To get this kind of award, the product has been subjected to numerous analyzes. As recommended by the manufacturer, the conditioner may be applied for any amount of time. The increased amount of nutrients applied, does not cause allergies or irritation of eyes. In the composition of nutrients among others extracts of urticaria or chestnut can be found. All components are designed to strengthen the lashes and to accelerate their growth phase. Our testers have identified it as a very efficient cosmetic and indeed non - irritant and non - sensitizing. Unfortunately, its price leaves a lot to be desired and its place in the ranking is lower than of several other nutrients of similar effectiveness for a similar price.