1. Beauty algorithm or beautifying algae? Cosmetics from Dr Irena Eris, Algorithm Series

    Algorithm series is destined for women over age of 40. At this stage of live, skin becomes covered with wrinkles, grooves turn into being more deeper, mimic wrinkles seem to be more visible, as well as here and there appear spots and pigmentation marks. Algorithm series cosmetics comprises of marine algae, due to which skin regenerates in a better and faster matter, and the aging signs are considerably slowed down. What are the other beneficial ingredients of Algorithm series?

    Radical Renewal D-Cream
    The cream is recommended to every skin type and it can be used as a make up base as well. How does this product work? First of all, the cosmetic rebuilds collagen fibers which tend to get flabby and loose their elasticity gradually with age. The product enhances the elasticity, provides moisturization and smoothness to face skin. Secondly, this cream prevents skin from acquiring new wrinkles. When it comes to grooves located on the face become, these, in turn, become shallower and, as a consequence, reduced totally. The cream is available in a little jar of 50 ml capacity.

    Impressive Recovery N-Cream
    Active substances of the cream greatly affect skin at night, while skin is resting and the organism sleeps. It enhances the tension of collagen fibers, firms skin, reduces wrinkles and eliminates imperfections and pigmentation marks. Additionally, it moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes complexion. Moreover, the cream makes the intercellular connections tighten and, at the same time, the condition of skin becomes improved. The capacity of the cream's jar equals 50 ml.

    Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum
    The serum regenerates skin with the first signs of aging, smooths, moisturizes and refreshes it. What is more, this cosmetic optimises the presence of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in skin. Another advantage of this serum is its light consistency. Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum can be applied both on face and neck skin, in the morning or in the evening. The cosmetic can be used either on the daily basis or as a temporary beauty treatment. As soon as the serum is absorbed, one can apply a face cream or another beautifying cosmetic. The serum is available as a small bottle with the practical applicator. The quantity if the bottle equals 30 ml.

    Instant Moisture Mask for Face & Neck
    Wrinkles shallowing can be achieved due to the appropriate skin moisturization. This very feature is presented in Instant Moisture Mask for Face & Neck from Dr Irena Eris. It comprises of hyaluronic acid, plant oils and C vitamin, to name just a few ingredients. The mask should be applied twice or three times a day. Face must be covered with a thick layer of the cosmetic. After approximately 15 minutes, the mask has to be patted into skin. It is advisable to remove the excess of the product with a cotton pad, if necessary. Instant Moisture Mask for Face & Neck is sold in a 75 ml tube.