1. Gold for skin. Face skin care line Gold 24 k Total Benefit from Dermika

    Beauty treatments with gold are considered as being extremely luxurious. After all, face is covered with petals of 24 carat gold. Which of us women would not like to experience such a therapy? Now, it is possible. Dermika has just created a range of cosmetics including golden particles in their composition.

    The series of Dermika cosmetics comprises of: three night and day creams, an under eyes cream and a rejuvenating serum. Each and every one of the cosmetics contains 2,5 mg of 24 carat gold. The products are locked in golden jars and bottles with pumps as applicators. What is more, the series is enriched with special active substances, which goal is to fill and eliminate wrinkles, highlight pigmentation marks, firm face skin and improve face shape. Moreover, the cosmetics comprise also of moisturizing and nourishing oils, like, for example, argan oil, macadamia and avocado oils, as well as of, C vitamin responsible for restoring face glam, even skin tone and level all discolouration.

    Gold 24 k Total Benefit cosmetics work multidimensional. This means that these products make the skin look radiant, strengthen epidermis, make dermis more denser, and at the same time protecting it from firm lost and enhance regeneration of epidermis. Moreover, products of Dermika brand smooth wrinkles, firm face skin, even skin tone and reduce pigmentation marks. Furthermore, these minimize visibility of pores, moisturize and improve the general condition of skin. This is how day and night creams work. The under eye cream reduces bruising and swellings, smooths wrinkles and visibly eliminates signs of age and fatigue.

    Rejuvenating creams have the capacity of 50 ml each, serum - 30 ml and the under eye cream - 15 ml.