1. L`Biotica, cream for eyelashes

    For some time, we have been witnessing the real frenzy about many eyelash conditioners appearing on the market. L ' Biotic produced a completely different conditioner than those with which we had to deal with so far. The conditioner of this brand is not a serum or mascara. To the surprise of many, it has the form of a cream for eyelashes. Similarly to other conditioners of this kind, its function is to nourish eyelashes and strengthen them in case of weakening. According to the market research, it is one of the first products of this type, obtained in the form of a cream. A special applicator is attached to each conditioner, thanks to which the imposition of the product will be very easy. The cream does not cause allergies or eye irritation. Because of a slightly different form, the nutrient less often gets inside the eye. Unfortunately, opinions on the efficacy of the nutrient are divided. More than 70 % of users found the product effective, while the rest of people did not notice any changes and certainly not as spectacular as expected.