1. Small stories about skin pores. Smooth skin due to Bobbi Brown.

    Skin pores - what are these?
    Making long story short, skin pores are the kind of the outlets for sebaceous glands. In other words, these are a little, tiny holes due to which our skin is able to breathe. Firstly, skin pores can be neither shrunk nor eliminated. Secondly, skin pores were, are and are going to be visible always. Thirdly, these participate in sebum and sweat draining onto the skin surface. What is more, skin pores take part in an organism detoxification process, regulate body temperature and moisturize skin. The number of skin pores equals the exact number of skin sebaceous glands, and these, in turn, are almost always connected with the hair follicles. Furthermore, the excess of sebum gets outside through the skin pores. However, when this process is disturbed, complexion is turned gray, greasy, starts exfoliating and drying out. However, pores cannot be found on palm and on the sole of foot.

    Does Bobbi Brown decrease skin pores visibility?
    Bobbi Brown brand is yet to introduce its new cosmetic. Its aim is to decrease skin pores visibility, smooth skin, absorb the excess amount of sebum, as well as blackheads elimination. Is it really the manner in which Bobbi Brown tent to work?
    As it was mentioned previously, skin pores cannot be shrunk or hidden. Let be reminded one more time, skin pores are the outlets of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. What is more, these are of funnel shape. What is it all about? Undoubtedly, manufacturers, through their products, would like to clarify skin pores and eliminate the blackheads out of the skin surface. And what is a blackhead? It is nothing more than a blocked skin pore with dead skin cells, excess of serum and other contaminants. It is a little, black point on one's complexion. Why it is black? Simply because the content has undergone the process of oxidation. But in what way Bobbi Brown cosmetics are going to cleanse skin pores? The only way to know that is the learning the cosmetic's composition. And it comprises of: silica, glucosamine, hyaluronate, caffeine and E vitamin.

    Firstly-enumerated silica is a natural substance of mineral origin. Applied on face skin, makes it smooth, mixes with the skin tone and reflects light. What is more, silica absorbs sebum and moisture. When it comes to glucosamine, it has the moisturizing, anti-acid, firming, brightening and easing properties. Hyaluronate, in turn, enables skin to keep the appropriate moisturization level and protects it against adverse external factors. It also makes skin more elastic. Caffeine enhances blood circulation, oxygenates and firms skin. The last component, E vitamin highlights, nourishes and slows down the skin's aging process.

    Definitely, Bobbi Brown cosmetic does not reduces the visibility of skin pores, although, it deals with the blackheads and enhances the general appearance of our complexion.