1. One, two, three – beautiful can be you! 3-Step Skin Care System from Clinique.

    Pure skin is the keystone of healthy and pretty look. Clear pores, exfoliated epidermis, even complexion and fresh skin are the synonyms of the beauty. In order to cleanse face skin, one does not have to undergo expensive and, in most, cases painful beautifying treatments. Certainly, face skin can be cleansed at home. All you need is Clinique, 3-Step Skin Care System.

    All cosmetics comprising 3-Step Skin Care System were developed and examined by dermatologists. The fundamental aim of the cosmetics is to exfoliate epidermis. This goal is fairly important since face skin needs to be systematically cleansed, which means, that one has to remove, for example, all dead cells, contamination accumulated during a day, excess of sebum and dust settled. Naturally, cleaned skin has the ability to breathe, is healthier and is not prone to develop blackheads, acne or pigmentation marks.

    How to use individual products from Clinique, 3-Step Skin Care System? Firstly, it is essential to clean skin with a soap, no matter if in a liquid or of a bar form. The cosmetic cleanses and refreshes, without leaving the impression of contracted and dry skin. The soap is available in three variants: Extra-Mild, Mild and Oily Skin Formula. Secondly, it is necessary to use exfoliating product - Clarifying Lotion. This cosmetic does not only make skin shine but also moisturizes it. Thirdly, one should apply moisturizing gel - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Gel, which moisturizes deeply, makes skin more elastic and soft.

    Each and every single of the products is adjusted to the particular skin type. The set can be bought in several compilations. The cosmetics are to be used twice a day after make up removal performed thoroughly beforehand. At the beginning of Clinique, 3-Step Skin Care System beautifying treatment it may happens that the condition of skin becomes deteriorated, nevertheless, right after two weeks of application it should return to the initial state and then gradually improves. Furthermore, Clinique cosmetics are hypoallergenic and odourless.