1. L`Oreal, Serum Re-Activant Cils

    L`Oreal, Serum Re - Activant Cils is a conditioner mainly used to nourish and strengthen lashes, weakened after treatments or daily use of mascaras. The cosmetic serves also well for people who have undergone a chemotherapy. It has been developed primarily on the basis of natural ingredients and single synthetic ingredients. According to the manufacturer, first visible effects should occur after only two weeks of daily use. According to our respondents, the serum does not produce the same result to everyone. 10 % of our respondents did not recognize desired effects of the serum application. The majority using the conditioner noticed the effect after longer time than assured by the manufacturer. During the application, you should be particularly cautious, as the product in case of getting into the eye may cause burning and redness. The conditioner is in a slightly lower position in the top-ranking due to the lower efficiency compared with other products of this type.