1. Have you already bought BB cream from Revlon?

    BB creams are not loosing their popularity. That is why, yet another cosmetic brand has decided to create their BB cream product. This time it is Revlon to louche their product. Let us check whether the decision of Revlon turned into being the successful one.

    What are BB creams?
    First of all, the abbreviation BB stands for either Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. Consequently, as the name speaks for itself, the first product's aim is to cover all skin imperfections, whereas, the second one is designed to beautify complexion. Nevertheless, this type of cosmetics are characterized by many more features. For example, BB products combine the properties of a moisturizing cream, a make up foundation covering imperfections, as well as, the products protecting skin from strong solar radiation. In other words, one can say, that BB creams are a kind of all-purpose cosmetics created for special tasks. Successfully, these can replace three specifics that you have been using up till now. It is advisable for you to buy BB cream when your skin suffers from acne presence or when the sebum production level is too high. Furthermore, it is also suggested to apply BB creams on dry on sensitive skin, or when one notices the first signs of wrinkles and irritations. However, it is extremely crucial to choose the cosmetic which corresponds with your skin needs and is of matching shade.

    Revlon BB cream
    Revlon designed a genuine BB cream. The cosmetic provides efficient coverage, especially, when one has small amount of pigmentation marks or broken capillaries on the face. Obviously, in case of stronger solar stains or acid marks, it is necessary to use a concealer. What is more, BB cream from Revlon moisturizes and eliminates dry skin, smooths and equalizes skin tone. Furthermore, it protects complexion from the sun since it contains high SPF 30 filter.
    BB cream from Revlon has got gentle and creamy consistence. The great advantage of the cream is its application since it does not leave any smudges or stains. Right after the application, it gives the impression of matt effect. Moreover, it does not include and oily substances because it has the oil-free formula. That is the reason why, it can be applied by people having oil or combination skin type.
    There are three shades of Revlon to choose from: Light, Light/Medium and Medium. The cosmetic is locked into a gray tube with a black cap. The capacity of the tube equals 30 ml.