1. JB Cosmetics, Lash Food

    Nowadays, more and more women dream about having beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Not everyone, however, decides to improve their appearance using cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, improvement of eyelash condition is possible through appropriate nutrient. JB Cosmetics has launched a cosmetic which task is to improve the condition of lashes, as well as hydrating and strengthening them. The conditioner is also recommended for women who have undergone the lash extension treatment and their lashes are weakened. Specially selected ingredients, both artificial and natural, make lashes thicker and more nourished. The conditioner does not cause allergies so it can also be used by people exposed to frequent irritation of eyes and numerous allergic reactions. The price of the conditioner is not high. But its effectiveness differs. Only 65 % of respondents considered it as an efficient cosmetic. Although the product does not actually cause allergies, it is true that it does not meet expectations of a conditioner of this type.