1. Artdeco, Lash Growth Activator

    The conditioner was developed not only for women who want to improve the appearance of their eyelashes without having undergoing an extension treatment, but also for women with weakened lashes or tendency to fall out. Modern nutrient composition has been designed in such a way to substantially moisture eyelashes from the inside. The presence of numerous peptides covered with keratin in the product is stimulating eyelashes actively to growth more rapidly. The manufacturer recommends touse the conditioner for a month, every day applying a thin layer of conditioner to eyelashes. After a month, eyelashes will become more nourished and their growth speed should accelerate. The product does not contain lanolin and fragrance ingredients to make the product friendly for people prone to allergies. Our testers identified the product as very effective. In only 5% of people slight irritation of the eyes were caused by the cosmetic, while 90% of people were very satisfied with the effects of its use. The only minus is the fact that the nutrient in the first phase of the application may increase the loss of eyelashes, which, however, after a short time should grow back thicker.