1. Magical face and neck oil – Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe.

    Recently, face oils have become quite popular. Not only do these beautify face skin but also nourish and cleanse, as well. Check out whether Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe has similar working.

    Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe is recommended to those people, who are the owners of combination skin. Definitely, this kind of skin is one of the most difficult to take care of. What does it make so hard to do this? The reason is that, mix complexion is the meld of two skin types: oily and normal or dry one. Certainly, each skin type requires different way of beauty care. Why would Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe help? Both, normal and dry skin need moisturization. And Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe is going to work this problem out perfectly. When it comes to oily skin, it requires the sebum secretion settling. As it is widely-known, only oil washes oils out, so, it has to be oil, as the ideal component of oily skin cleaning process. Consequently, there is no use in buying two separate cosmetic products.

    How does Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe really work? First and foremost, it moisturizes and adds glow to skin. Secondly, the oil highlights pigmentation marks, eases irritations and regulates serum production. What is more, the cosmetic comprises of numerous active substances. These are, for instance: A,C and B vitamins, fruit acids, 6 and 9 omega fats and rose, almond, grape, sunflower and rice oils. What is worth mentioning is that Magic Rose Oil does not contain any artificial substances, para-hydroxybenzoates, also known as parabens, or silicons.

    Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe has got rather thick consistency. Despite that fact, it is easy to spread on face skin and is fast to absorb. The most sensed is the rose oil. The cosmetic is of bright yellow colour. What is more, 30 ml of oil is locked in a glass jar. The application of the cosmetic is performed with a pipette, thanks to which, the division of doses is extremely accurate. The bottle is provided hidden into a carton box. The box, in turn, is covered with useful information, such as, the recommended dosages, as well as the composition. Magic Rose Oil from Evrēe is to be used twice, in the morning and in the evening.