1. My Secret, Lash & Brow Repair

    The conditioner has been especially created for people with lashes in a poor condition. This applies equally to falling out, limp and sparse eyelashes. The cosmetic’s formula has been improved by numerous nutrients and vitamins such as A, E, B5. It also contains creatine, which largely affects the strength of eyelashes. According to the manufacturer, with the regular use of the product, you can not only count on the eyelashes strengthening, but also on their extension and acceleration of their growth phase. According to our interviewers, the cosmetic is a perfect base for mascara which can protect hair from damage. The conditioner is also very efficient, a small package suffice for many months of use. Unfortunately, 30% of product’s testers consider it inefficient, especially in terms of thickening and eyelash extension. 99 % polled agreed that the cosmetic makes lashes silky and stronger.