1. Caviar & Ocean Algae Lifting Mask from Farmona!

    Farmona cosmetic brad is famous for its exotic, colourful and fruit products. But not this time. Now, Farmona proposes something completely different than usually and we are talking about Lifting Mask with Caviar and Ocean Algae.

    New mask from Farmona constitutes System Professional Ocean Algae line. The complete range of the products is especially recommended to those having dry, damaged, mature and with first signs of aging skin. The cosmetics are assumed to moisturize, regenerate and firm face skin. What is more, these products are aimed to protect the lipid layer of dermis, take care of its cell rebuilding process, lift, elasticate, smooth and removes pigmentation marks.

    Which ingredients have been used to compose System Professional Ocean Algae series? First of all, calcium sulphate has purifying and exfoliating properties. Certainly, sulfur is frequently used with the anti-acne treatment, it is also soap component. The second ingredient is the caviar extract. It's aim is to regenerate, nourish and protect skin from various contaminants. This extract also makes cell rebuilding process faster. When it comes to argan oil, apricot and pineapple, these in turn, characterize by working rejuvenating, smoothing and brightening.

    One of the products from Farmona series is Lifting Mash with Caviar and Ocean Algae. It is not only destined to every skin type, but also mainly for aging skin, sensitive skin and with the tendency toward acne formation. What are the effects brought by the regular application of the Farmona cosmetic? Certainly, skin becomes moisturized and regenerated. What is more, wrinkles are visibly shallower, the frame of face is enhanced and skin tone seems more equalized.

    The Lifting Mask from Farmona is locked in a little, white jar of 190 gram capacity. Nevertheless, before we are going to notice the positive and desired actions perforemd by the cosmetic, we have to prepare the mask on one's own. Mix 2,5 scoops of the powder with the 3 scoops of mineral water. It is highly important to do not mix the powder with cold water. The ingredients are to be combined thoroughly, till the homogenous mass is achieved. The prepared mask is to be applied on face, and after 20 minutes should be taken of.