1. Christian Dior, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

    The conditioner is designed especially for all those who would like to strengthen their lashes a bit. First of all, it has been developed to hydrate and strengthen lashes. According to the manufacturer, the conditioner of this well-known brand also improves the speed of eyelash growth and their thickness. The serum can also be successfully used as a primer for mascara that will prevent excessive drying of eyelashes. The conditioner, like many others of this type, should be used every day before the night rest. A thorough removal of makeup before applying conditioner is essential. More than 80% of testers consider the conditioner as an efficient cosmetic in terms of thickening and nourishing. The conditioner is very efficient and sufficient for many months thanks to its appropriate application. The price of the conditioner leaves a lot to be desired. Although it is efficient, at this price you can find many other nutrients with the same efficiency, but at a lower price.