1. Revitalash

    This conditioner has been primarily developed for people whose eyelashes are weak, falling out, lusterless, but most of all - thin and short. Revitalash, thanks to its effectiveness, has quickly gained multitudes of followers. The cosmetic works also well as an adjunct to the thickening or eyelash extension treatments, after which hair is so weakened that it begins to fall out. It is recommended by both, beauticians and ordinary women, trying to improve the condition of their eyelashes. This product, like many others similar to it, was created on the basis of natural ingredients, and only occasionally causes sensitization or irritation of eyes and the skin around them. The great advantage of the product is the fact that the nutrient not only stimulates the growth of eyelashes, but also makes them thicker, shinier and more interestingly - darker. Thanks to the regular application, after a short time, you can completely stop using mascara. Over 80 % of testers said they would use the cosmetic again and again, because of its high efficiency and convenience of application. After only 20 days from the beginning of the test, first effects are visible, such as reducing the hair loss. Eyelashes also become shinier and nourished. Before nightly application, wash the makeup thoroughly and apply the cosmetic with a soft brush strokes along the lash line. The conditioner should be applied once a day, like most cosmetics of this type. At the time of application, you should make sure the cosmetic does not get into the eye as it may irritate it. The product is characterized by high efficiency, approved by more than 90% of our respondents. The same number of Revitalash users does not get irritated, sensitized or allergic. The waiting period for first effects of the cosmetic’s use is a little longer than in case of Revlash. In terms of prices, Revlash wins again as it is much cheaper, although its effectiveness is the same